Invest In What's Important Interview - Ryan Serrecchia on the Emotions of Retirement Planning



Invest In What's Important:

Emotions of Retirement Planning

About Ryan Serrecchia, CFP®, Executive Vice President and Partner
EP Wealth Advisors - Orange County, California

Ryan Serrecchia is Executive Vice President and Partner at EP Wealth Advisors in Irvine, CA, where he is responsible for helping his clients align their finances, investments, and taxes with their life goals. Ryan helps meet the needs of entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses as they strive to grow, protect, and transition their wealth.


Interview Questions:

  • What is the importance of planning and the role that it plays in a successful retirement? 
  • Describe the two distinct phases in retirement planning along with their financial and emotional implications?
  • What role does financial planning play into building confidence and peace of mind? 
  • How may the process look different for small business owners and executives? 
  • What is a good place to start to get a grasp of what they are going to need for retirement? 


About the Financial Advisor Interview Series "Invest In What's Important." 

At EP Wealth Advisors, our mission is to provide honest, objective financial advice to our clients just like we would to our families. As part of this mission, Invest in What's Important is about uncovering the overlooked but valuable advice that the mainstream media may not spend as much time on. We hope listeners will get an unvarnished look at what financial advisors talk about with their clients. 


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