In the News: Cutting the Cord on Support for Adult Children - CNBC


Author: Lynn Ballou

As our children launch into the “real world” the generation of helicopter parents ---- okay MY generation ---- struggles to let them fail.  We want to rush in and support our adult children with every advantage possible, not just because we love and care about them and would and probably have given them the proverbial shirts off our backs, but also because these “kids” are graduating with student debt and into a world where there are few if any traditional pension plans, they face costly medical coverage, rising housing costs and tremendous uncertainty about social retirement programs being available as they are to us.  Who wouldn’t want to help?

But the risk of helping too much can mean a failure to launch.  How do we help while still letting them scrape a knee or two all in the name of learning for themselves?  Kelli Grant and I have chatted over the years about this very topic, and I was honored that she included me in her latest column, all while studying for her CFP® exam.

I hope you enjoy her thoughts.

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