In The News: Fernando Reyes featured in LA Times - Young Stock Investors


Author: Fernando Reyes

For investors, so many people remember how they started investing. Whether it was a moment in time or a parental figure that shared insights. Right now, we're seeing a boom in new investors as a result of stay at home orders, more access through commission free apps, and stimulus checks. I try to make sure that people still consider their financial plan and risk when starting. 


For that reason, Jackeline Luna and Samantha Masunaga interviewed me for a story in the LA Times about new investors, called "Meet South L.A.'s young stock investors, eager to build wealth in their community


Here's one quote: 

Reyes advises his younger clients to think about their short- and long-term goals. Usually he suggests novice investors with little appetite for risk start off with passive investing, such as exchange-traded funds or mutual funds. Those with a higher risk tolerance and greater understanding of the market may also focus on individual company stocks.


If you have questions about investing and building a financial plan, feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

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