In The News: M.J. featured in US News and Report - Shareholder Value


Author: M.J. Nodilo

When I'm reviewing a client's portfolio with them, they often have questions about their investments and what drives performance. That can be a number of things like P/E ratios, price per share, liquidity, investor sentiment, etc, as they look to better understand shareholder value.  One aspect of shareholder value that I receive questions about is the commitment to environmental and social responsibility on the behalf of the companies clients want to own.  This is essentially the reverse of traditional shareholder value and rather the focus is on aligning the shareholder’s(client) values with the companies they own and invest it.  There’s a lot of ways to consider this topic.


Because of these discussions with clients, Coryanne Hicks of US News and World Report interviewed me for her article "What Is Shareholder Value?" If you're looking to better understand businesses and share holder value, I'd suggest you check it out. 


And if you have more questions about investing or financial planning, please feel free to reach out to me anytime

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