Lamorinda Weekly: Lynn's Top Five - The Importance of Financial Planning for Women


Author: Lynn Ballou

As a boomer I watched my 50’s housewife Mom miss out on a lot of her dreams and sacrifice many choices for the benefit of what society thought a good wife and Mom looked like at that time.   When I talked to her about it she said it was so worth it, because she knew that my generation and those after me would have choices because of the sacrifices she and her peers made.  

So it saddens me to see where we are with the women’s movement today, not the least shocking of which is the sheer number of women speaking out with respect to the #metoo movement.  While much of the work that needs to be done is actually being redone seemingly every generation, it bears noting that one major issue continues to rise to the top:  and that is that if women aren’t financially independent they don’t feel they have the power to speak up because they have too much financial security at stake --- i.e. too much to lose. 

Until we all work together to tackle this problem and help women attain significant financial competency and independence through financial literacy, it’s likely we’ll still be talking about these same challenges 100 years from now.   I hope this week’s column I penned in my local paper, Lamorinda Weekly, helps shine a light on this very important issue by offering simple, practical steps and solutions --- a simple few places to start.  Please reach out to me to keep the conversation going!  It’s too important to sweep under a rug.

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