LaMorinda Weekly: Lynn's Top Five on Insurance


Author: Lynn Ballou

This month I got a little serious and penned a column in Lamorinda Weekly about the importance of life insurance. I hear a lot of people who are just so over what they see as the endless stream of insurance premiums, and thus end up cutting out what I consider to be essential coverages. While certainly not everyone needs life insurance, I’ve seen first-hand the difference it can make when it does matter in the lives of those we care most about. So I wanted to use this month’s column to encourage my community to give life insurance the attention it might deserve as part of a comprehensive family financial plan. Many of you may also find these points helpful, if not for yourselves (because our clients and colleagues are a very savvy group), then perhaps for others you care about, such as young adults launching into their lives, friends who aren’t actively working with an advisor, or other family members.


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