MSN: "How 7 Financial Tools and Services Simplify Life for Millennials"


Author: Gretchen Caldwell

Often with my clients and their children, I’ve noticed how young adults may have some trouble finding ways to save their money. Luckily the best way to communicate with the millennials nowadays is through their phone, and with apps available on their phone this issue can be resolved very quickly.

MSN’s Maryalene LaPonsie quoted me in her article “How 7 Financial Tools and Services Simplify Life for Millennials” and offered advice and wisdom to millennials in ways they can start saving their own money.  I highly suggest reading the article, especially if you want to help educate your kids the value of money.

Any questions about Financial Education or thinking of getting your teenager some knowledge about financial literacy, our company offers a paid summer internship in Los Angeles! Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get you in contact!

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