In the news: Where to Start when Choosing a Medicare Plan


Author: Erin Voisin 

As financial planners, we are interested in every decision with a dollar sign. With the fall coming up soon, many retirees will be making one of the big decisions: Medicare during its Annual Enrollment Period.

Since most people don’t deal with Medicare until they’re 65, our clients want to learn more about what Medicare is, how to use it, and what is the option most suited for them. The financial implications of this decision can be very big.

Robert McGarvey of The Street wrote an article on Medicare in which he asked how we help our clients make the decision. And I told him about where we start. One question we ask clients who we assist with this is:

'What doctors do you currently see, and do you want to continue seeing them?' The reason is so that we can call each and every doctor and ask if they accept traditional Medicare and if they accept Advantage and Medigap plans.

But we don’t stop there. We at EP Wealth Advisors have invested in something very important: medicare optimization software. We use our clients' answers and the software to help guide them in making a prudent decision.

The software gives us greater transparency that so crucial to removing stress and simplify decision-making during the financial planning process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact an EP Wealth Advisor.

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