In the News: “You Can’t Put a Price on Culture”


Author: Patrick Goshtigian 

PR-financial-advisor-mag-logoIf you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes peek into EP Wealth Advisors, I would recommend reading this article by Financial Advisor Magazine’s Dan Jamieson, “You Can’t Put a Price on Culture.” In the article, he describes the origins of EP Wealth Advisors and how we’ve been able to continue our success right here in Torrance, while branching out to our new offices in West LA, Valencia, Irvine, Denver, Lafayette, and San Diego.

Dan interviewed quite a few of us, so you’ll get to read quotes from:

What Dan’s interviews and analysis highlights are how much running EP Wealth Advisors is a team effort. And the common goal of putting clients first--taking care of finances and investments so clients can live more meaningful lives—that’s our purpose, and purpose is the key to culture.

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