Quoted in the Media


Quoted in the media
As leaders in the field of wealth management, the principals of EP Wealth Advisors are frequently called upon to offer commentary on issues related to personal finance.



April 21, 2016

EP Wealth Advisors' Regional Director Lynn Ballou, CFP® was recently quoted by CNBC. "Tax Planning is more about whittling over time than grand gestures at the last minute," Lynn said to CNBC's Kelli Grant in an article looking at tax planning while you're still in the tax zone.

April 19, 2016


In '10 Tips for Women Investors' with GoBankingRates.com, EP Wealth Advisors' Regional Director Marilyn Plum shares her insight on how you can create and stick with an investment plan.



FA Mag

April 6, 2016

With the Deparment of Labor's new fiduciary rule, EP Wealth Advisors co-founder Derek Holman provides insight to Financial Advisor magazine on the industry trends.

“This disruption has already been occurring,” Holman said. “Ten to 15 years ago, the RIAs and the independent channels were a small part of the business and as we’ve gained momentum we’ve brought down costs and more people have sought out unbiased advice. The industry has known for a long time that, ultimately, things had to change.”


March 8, 2016

In Barron's annual list of top ranked advisors, EP Wealth Advisors' Co-founder and Managing Director Brian Parker earned the #80 ranking, up from #86 the year prior.


Financial Advisor IQ

January 16, 2016

In Ballou Plum Joins EP Wealth Advisors. EP Wealth Advisors, an independent financial planning and investment management firm based in Southern California that manages approximately $2 billion for clients nationwide, today announced a merger with Ballou Plum Wealth Advisors, a boutique financial advisory practice in the San Francisco Bay area that advises on more than $300 million in client assets. M&A veteran David Selig of Advice Dynamics Partners advised the parties in this transaction.


Financial Advisor IQ

January 6, 2016

EP Wealth Advisors announced the establishment of their Irvine office on September 28 to better serve their growing client base in Orange County in EP Wealth Advisors Opens Irvine Office. The Los Angeles-based firm, which has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2004 and now manages or advises nearly $2 billion in client assets, serves clients in both California and Colorado. With the addition of advisors and an increase in clients in the Orange County area, the firm decided that the time was right for a local presence.


January 4, 2016

In RIA Leaders 2016, journalist Ann Marsh writes that the firms on Financial Planning’s 5th annual list of the country’s top RIAs are meeting the challenges of rapid regulatory and technological change, while resisting the many temptations that can compromise their work as fiduciaries and undermine their independence. And it’s hard, especially for firms farther down the list, to fend off aggregators, roll-up firms and a rising tide of robo advisors, all of whom are vying for some of the same clients. EP Wealth is listed at No. 54 of 150 firms who made the cut.


Financial Advisor IQ

April 23, 2015

Brian Parker is quoted in Advice Firms Struggle to Get Compensation Right: Study. “Finding and retaining talented people is the most challenging part of growing a firm these days,” he says. “The more you can do that organically and create a compensation plan that meets each person’s own unique situation, the better chance you’ve got to control your own future.”



April 6, 2015

In Why the Emerging Affluent Are More Likely to Be Women, Non-White and Nearing 40 Years old, Derek Holman says, “The Internet is stripping away some of the obstacles that were once on the road to financial success. Good ideas and intelligent people regardless of gender have more ways to rise up and break from the pack. They depend less on the connections from family and friends, which have been the traditional channels for wealth creation.”



April 6, 2015

Brittany Umar quotes Derek Holman in a 1:14 video, The New Look of the Emerging Affluent Is 40, Female and Non-White. More than two-thirds of the emerging wealthy are women and about one-quarter are non-white. This is due in part to the rise of the Internet, according to Derek Holman, co-founder of EP Wealth Advisors. He says with the Internet, good ideas and intelligent people regardless of gender have more ways to rise up and break from the pack.



Financial Advisor IQ

March 20, 2015

Adam Phillips is profiled by Murray Coleman in City National FA Starts Over at Indie RIA. Regarding making a move, Investment Strategist and Advisor Phillips says, “Don’t be afraid to build new bridges. It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, especially if you’ve been somewhere for a long time and like working with a particular group of people. I really enjoyed my team at City National, but I wanted more independence in terms of the types of products and services I could offer clients. That freedom makes all the risks worthwhile.”



March 15, 2015

In Prices for adviser practices aren’t as high as most expect, but some factors can boost value, Liz Skinner interviews Patrick Goshtigian, who says that buyers and sellers will be concerned with a good cultural fit when merging. “The most important factor to getting a deal done is the all-around culture and services the firm provides to clients,” Mr. Goshtigian said.



March 11, 2015

The JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Fund has delivered “stellar performance,” said Cristopher Moran, a portfolio manager at EP Wealth Advisors, which has owned shares of the fund for more than a decade. Moran particularly likes that Simon has minimized losses in falling markets in JPMorgan Stock Pickers Win Investor Cash to Buck Indexing Trend.



January 16, 2015

Hilary Johnson quotes Kevin Ashworth, Investment Director at EP Wealth Advisors, on how his firm helps to generate tax-free income for clients through federally tax-exempt municipal bond mutual funds, or local general obligation bonds in YOUR PRACTICE-Tips for talking munis with clients as rate hike looms.


January 13, 2015

Patrick Goshtigian and Jon Moore are profiled by Ann Marsh about EP Wealth Advisor’s acquisition of Moore Financial in After Deal, EP Wealth at $1.9 Billion AUM.


FA Mag

January 13, 2015

EP Wealth Advisors has acquired the Moore Financial Group, a family-owned boutique wealth management firm based in Littleton, Colo., EP Wealth Advisors announced Tuesday in EP Wealth Advisors Acquires Moore Financial.



December 2, 2014

In Why Mutual Fund Managers are Having a Bad Year, Derek Holman of EP Wealth Advisors said his firm recently moved $130 million from a pair of active large cap funds into ETFs, saying it would save clients about $650,000 in fees per year.



October 9, 2014

In EP Wealth Advisors Continues to Expand, Adds Investment Professional with a World of Experience, EP Wealth announces the newest member of their growing team, Charles Alvaré.



October 3, 2014

EP Wealth’s Kevin Ashworth was quoted in Investors fleeing Pimco find shelter in ETFs amid bond turmoil about how the firm responded to the news of Pimco CIO Bill Gross’ resignation.




October 2, 2014

In Investors Fleeing Pimco Park Money in Bond ETFs—For Now, At Least, Investment Director Kevin Ashworth reflects on the decision to sell holdings of the Pimco Total Return Fund after learning of the resignation of Pimco co-founder and CIO Bill Gross.


EP Wealth in The Wall Street Journal

October 1, 2014

Within two hours of PIMCO CIO Bill Gross stepping down, Kevin Ashworth, investment director at EP Wealth Advisors said his firm sold more than $120 million of the Pimco Total Return Fund on Friday. “It made sense for us to move on for our clients’ benefit,” he said in a piece that was jointly written by journalists Kristen Grind, Chris Dieterich and Min Zeng, titled Record Investor Funds Follow Pimco Boss out the Door.

TD Ameritrade

September 2014

Advisor Greg Wells speaks on his experience with annuity contracts in the article Rethinking Annuities from the September issue of Advisor Solutions.



June 17, 2014

In WealthManagement.com’s When Clients Lose Mental Acuity, Cofounder Derek Holman suggests forming a family trust with a trustee that is not a beneficiary. “Otherwise, you aren’t always putting the financial interest of the client first”, said Holman.



June 11, 2014

Juliette Fairley gets EP Wealth Advisors’ Investment Director, Kevin Ashworth’s perspective in her piece, “The Secret to a Tax Free Portfolio” in MainStreet.com. Investment success is often based on pure performance, but in the long run keeping as much from taxation determines true wealth. One simple way investors can minimize taxes is by investing in funds that have historically been tax-efficient


June 4, 2014

Adam Phillips and President Patrick Goshtigian discuss Phillips’ transition to EP Wealth Advisors in Minda Smiley’s California financial adviser leaves Beverly Hills bank for RIA.


June 4, 2014

EP Wealth Advisors Welcomes New Financial Advisor Adam Phillips


Financial Advisor IQ

June 3, 2014

In Murray Coleman’s article for Financial Advisor IQ, Need to Fire a Fund Manager? Minimize Disruption, Investment Director Kevin Ashworth weighs in on his experience with the matter, adding “Firing a manager doesn’t have to stress out a client if the move is telegraphed in advance through a proper discussion of your investment process and how it fits into each individual investor’s longer-term financial plan.”



May 19, 2014

Managing Director and co-founder Brian Parker talks about how EP Wealth Advisors stepped up its marketing efforts by mixing old strategies with new in Breathing New Life Into an Old Marketing Strategy by Anne Field.



April 19, 2014

In Elizabeth MacBride’s Saving For Your Dream Vacation, co-founder Derek Holman gives his specific recommendations on planning for a trip 5 years out.



February 22, 2014

Co-founder/Managing Director Brian Parker was ranked in Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors. The list ranks the top 1% of advisors with substantial practices. Factors included are assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, quality of practice and philanthropic work. See the California ranking here.


Deposit Accounts logo

January 25, 2014

EP Wealth Advisors Co-Founder, Derek Holman provides insight on How to Choose a Financial Planner to journalist Sheryl Nance-Nash of DepositAccounts.com. “Make sure your financial advisor is objective, preferably advising you in a fiduciary capacity,” says Holman. The law requires that a fiduciary put your interests ahead of theirs.



January 21, 2014

Pro golfer Brendan Steele chooses EP Advisor and friend Greg Wells to caddy at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. Steele also married Wells and his wife Ali in 2010. Read the full story here.



January 10, 2014

Kevin Ashworth, EP Wealth Advisors’ Investment Director, comments on What’s Good for the Economy But Bad for Retirement? “Investors should be prudent when investing in [high risk] areas however as they do introduce risks beyond interest rate sensitivity to their portfolios,” said Ashworth.


FA Mag

December 3, 2013

In Owner Worries, Ben Mattlin discusses various concerns of small business owners in today’s changing economy. Derek Holman reflects on a recent experience in which he coupled a client’s business plan with a personal financial plan. The end result demonstrated “what the short- and long-term impact of utilizing different strategies can have on the business and the business owners,” he says.


Oct. 15, 2013

Journalist Ann Marsh interviewed Patrick Goshtigian on the EP Wealth Advisors’ decision to engage with Advice Dynamics Partners in order to find right-fit acquisition targets in order to achieve their desired growth. Read more.


Oct. 15, 2013

Patrick Goshtigian was interviewed by Trevor Hunnicutt for Southern California Firm Looks to Acquire. He talked about EP Wealth Advisors’ plans to expand its business by acquiring other firms.



News Release, Oct. 15, 2013

EP Wealth Advisors Expanding in Southern California



October 7, 2013

Derek Holman was quoted in Veronica Dagher’s article Being Prepared to Acquire Another Firm. Holman advises acquiring firms to be sure they know what they want in a target firm. Read more.

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