How to Transition to Retirement - 7 Strategies for Managing Investments

Author: Greg Wells

You’ve been investing for decades, looking ahead toward the steadily approaching goal of a secure transition to retirement. But unlike a race that’s a sprint to the finish, this is a journey requiring significant strategic thinking and decision-making well before you make the transition from accumulating assets to spending them to support your desired lifestyle. What kinds of assets should you favor, and how should you balance them? How should you treat retirement plans? Which best practices should you follow and what mistakes should you avoid? While we believe in evaluating every client’s needs individually, some general guidelines are relevant regardless of your situation.

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How Much to Save for Retirement

Author: Mike McGrath 

The question “How much do I need to retire?” has prompted many a Google search, yielding general rules and formulas useful for starting a productive conversation. Unfortunately, though, general rules of thumb on how much needed to retire aren’t sufficient when it’s time to build an actionable plan. This is because retirement planning, like all financial planning, is intensely personal in nature. I will come back to the personal aspect of this as we conclude, but for now, allow me to lay out some basic groundwork to get us started.

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What Is Phishing - Common Email Phishing Scams and Attacks

Author: Mario Chilin

With the ever growing threats of viruses, malware, and ransomware targeting the financial industry as of late, I just want to remind everyone how easy it is for cyber-criminals to bypass regular anti-virus solutions with a process called Phishing. Here are some tips and pointers on some other subjects too that pertain to our industry.

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Understanding Investor Jargon: Financial and Investment Terms

Author: Clint Camua

At a time when investor distrust is already high, many advisors continue to use confusing jargon, which only intensifies the general public’s.

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The Science of Sticking to Your Financial Plan

The neuroscience of mistakes

Have you ever kicked yourself for making a good plan and then not sticking to it? Has it ever happened to you in the financial markets?

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