What It’s Like to Work With a Financial Advisor | EP Wealth Advisors

Shopping for a financial advisor isn’t easy, and some advisors have earned the industry a less-than-stellar reputation. So we understand why, as an investor, you might be wary of salespeople with expensive products to pitch and doubt that the advice given really applies to you. That’s why we structured EP Wealth Advisors as a fee-only firm whose status as a fiduciary means we do not receive financial incentives when recommending investment products, and we are required to put your interest before our own. In addition to explaining these benefits to prospective clients, we wanted to be able to demonstrate them. To do this effectively,  we have created a Financial Health Assessment. It’s a transparent, two-meeting process* geared to inform and educate you on the realities of the markets, financial planning, and establish the foundation for a trusting relationship with an EP Wealth Advisor.

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Why Place Your Trust in a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

It’s a hard truth many financial advisors would rather not hear. As numerous sources such as the popular financial website The Motley Fool have noted, 65% of respondents in a 2016 poll by the American Association of Individual Investors said they mistrust the financial services industry to some degree, and only 2% claimed to trust financial professionals “a lot.”

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End-of-Year Tax Planning

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Financial Planning Checklist: Preparing for Retirement

Author: Mike McGrath 

The idea of waking up late on a Tuesday morning and having nothing to do other than lunch with a friend and/or a long hike sounds like a pipe dream when we are in our 20s and 30s.  If we were smart enough then (or had proper guidance advice), we would have started saving then--at least what little we had left after mortgages, braces, and car repairs.  However, as we move through our mid-40s into our 50s, our unpreparedness feels like Monday evening when we aren’t quite ready for Tuesday morning to arrive.

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Estate Planning Checklist for Your Family Survivors

Author: Laura Knolle

No matter how young or old you are, the last thing you probably want is to create a problem for your family when you’re not there to help them figure out how to solve it.

Yet according to a recent study, 60 percent of American adults don’t have a will or living trust. What’s more, only 29 percent of adults have a living will. So, if you’re just getting around to planning your estate, you can take comfort in the fact that countless other Americans are in your position.

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