In the News: EP’s Director of Tax and Estate in Financial Advisor Magazine

With the new tax law, we sometimes see that our clients’ estate plans are out of date and could use a review.

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Basics of Estate Planning: A Checklist for More Than Just a Will

Author: Gretchen Caldwell

Estate Planning is the term often used in financial circles for planning for what happens after we die or if we become incapacitated. There are two big problems with the term "estate planning". The first problem is most people don't consider themselves to have an estate and as such they don't think estate planning is for them. The truth is we all have affairs that must be dealt with when we die and estate planning simplifies that process for our family members.  The second problem is that most people only think of planning what happens if they die. We must also include planning for what we want to happen if we are incapacitated and can't make decisions for ourselves - think if you are in a car accident and end up in a coma.

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