4 Things to Look for in a Financial Advisor

No two financial advisors are exactly the same.

As you begin your search for a financial advisor, you’ll quickly find out you have a lot of options. We recommend that you keep these characteristics in mind through your vetting and research process.

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Paying For Your Kids To Go To College: 7 Tips from a Financial Advisor

You probably want what’s best for your kids. You may want to give your oldest and youngest the same opportunities, and you probably hope that one day, they’ll end up even better off than you are.

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Lamorinda Weekly: Lynn's Top Five - The Importance of Financial Planning for Women

Author: Lynn Ballou

As a boomer I watched my 50’s housewife Mom miss out on a lot of her dreams and sacrifice many choices for the benefit of what society thought a good wife and Mom looked like at that time.   When I talked to her about it she said it was so worth it, because she knew that my generation and those after me would have choices because of the sacrifices she and her peers made.  

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Money Inc.: 4 Money Lessons from Game of Thrones

Author: Sean Cartin

Being a financial advisor, I can’t help but look at how movies, tv shows , and books use money in their stories. I’m always looking for the good ones, and funny enough, Game of Thrones addresses money in some of the most sophisticated ways possible. I wrote an article for Money, Inc. on this very topic, sharing how GoT can help you better understand your finances.

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