In the News: La Morinda Weekly - Top 5 End of Year Tax Moves

When it comes to taxes, I get a lot of questions from my clients about tax planning tips. It’s especially timely because we will be offering tax preparation services for our clients starting in spring of 2020.

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5 Networking Tips for Small Business Owners (to Make it Suck Less)

Author: Gretchen Caldwell

Admit it…you hate networking. I've yet to meet a person who dreams of going to an event where they don’t know anyone, to drink crappy wine and try to “connect” with someone that will potentially help their career. As a career changer I’ve spent the last few years attending a myriad of events - some better than others. My low point was an event where a person spoke and claimed that she was actually a unicorn…yes really! She had colorful stripes in her hair and quite a long presentation about her evolution as a unicorn. I was able to contain my laughter, and had an excellent story to share with my friends, but it definitely did not inspire me to want to attend more networking events.

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