Paying For Your Kids To Go To College: 7 Tips from a Financial Advisor

You probably want what’s best for your kids. You may want to give your oldest and youngest the same opportunities, and you probably hope that one day, they’ll end up even better off than you are.

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When's The Best Time To Start Working With A Wealth Manager?

The decision to work with a wealth manager can be very important. By partnering with a wealth manager, you don’t have to take on the huge responsibility of developing a plan and setting long-term financial goals alone. 

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5 Simple Ideas To Update Your Financial Strategy (While Sitting on Your Couch)

Remember that New Year’s Resolution way back at the beginning of the year? Well it’s a great time to get back in action. Here are a few ideas you can easily do from the comfort of your home online with your tablet/computer and a phone.

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How I am Teaching My 4-year Old About Money

Author: Laura Knolle

Since I do financial planning for a living, financial literacy is very important to me. I have two high energetic boys, Jonathan (age 4), and Jordan (age 1) and I want to raise my kids to be financially smart.  I have given a lot of thought about how to teach the boys about money and asked for advice from friends who also have young children. I finally felt that I just needed to start something, see how it works, and adjust as needed. My financial literacy goals were simple: 

  1. Set the groundwork to learn the basics of money

  2. Use money as a reward to incentivize good behavior 

  3. Most importantly, make it fun.

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Financial Planning Checklist: Preparing for Retirement

Author: Mike McGrath 

The idea of waking up late on a Tuesday morning and having nothing to do other than lunch with a friend and/or a long hike sounds like a pipe dream when we are in our 20s and 30s.  If we were smart enough then (or had proper guidance advice), we would have started saving then--at least what little we had left after mortgages, braces, and car repairs.  However, as we move through our mid-40s into our 50s, our unpreparedness feels like Monday evening when we aren’t quite ready for Tuesday morning to arrive.

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