End-of-Year Tax Planning

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Financial Planning Tips for Retiring in Phoenix

Phoenix is a marvelous city, full of breathtaking nature and an endless number of things to do.

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Small Business Retirement Planning - The Opportunity So Many Owners are Missing

Author: Elliott Servais

According to a recent Manta survey of small-business owners, 34% don’t offer any type of retirement benefits.

Why is this?

As a small business ourselves, the team at EP Wealth Advisors knows that running your company makes time a precious resource. Employers who aren’t investing in a retirement plan may be missing out on an opportunity to prepare for retirement and the potential saving benefits that come with it.

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Financial Planning Checklist: Preparing for Retirement

Author: Mike McGrath 

The idea of waking up late on a Tuesday morning and having nothing to do other than lunch with a friend and/or a long hike sounds like a pipe dream when we are in our 20s and 30s.  If we were smart enough then (or had proper guidance advice), we would have started saving then--at least what little we had left after mortgages, braces, and car repairs.  However, as we move through our mid-40s into our 50s, our unpreparedness feels like Monday evening when we aren’t quite ready for Tuesday morning to arrive.

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Money US News: "Never Retire: Why People Are Still Working in Their 70s and 80s"

Author: Clint Camua

Retirement isn’t meant for everybody. I have many clients who could retire and don’t. Some people prefer to keep working because of the contentment they receive from that workplace/organization.

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