Year End Tax Planning 2020 – Important Financial Tasks Not to be Overlooked


Author: Rick Bryan 

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Replacing Your RMD with a Roth IRA Conversion in 2020

Author: Derek Holman 

This article was originally published in The Street. 

No question, the coronavirus has created angst and uncertainty, but how can you adapt and make the best possible decisions for your financial future? Amid this uncertain economic environment, you should become familiar with new regulations.

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EP Wealth Enhances Core Business Units and Suite of Services for Clients

Addition of key personnel increases support for advisors and clients and will foster continued growth

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What It’s Like to Work With EP Wealth Advisors – Completing Your Financial Health Assessment

The Proposal Meeting*: Financial Health Assessment

Some investors who have worked with a financial advisor and received a proposal before have noted that, while they were given the feeling they were being heard, this didn’t ultimately mean they actually had been listened to.

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What It’s Like to Work With a Financial Advisor | EP Wealth Advisors

Shopping for a financial advisor isn’t easy, and some advisors have earned the industry a less-than-stellar reputation. So we understand why, as an investor, you might be wary of salespeople with expensive products to pitch and doubt that the advice given really applies to you. That’s why we structured EP Wealth Advisors as a fee-only firm whose status as a fiduciary means we do not receive financial incentives when recommending investment products, and we are required to put your interest before our own. In addition to explaining these benefits to prospective clients, we wanted to be able to demonstrate them. To do this effectively,  we have created a Financial Health Assessment. It’s a transparent, two-meeting process* geared to inform and educate you on the realities of the markets, financial planning, and establish the foundation for a trusting relationship with an EP Wealth Advisor.

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