San Diego Business Journal: "Active M&A Scene Finds Good Target in Local RIA"

When I help my clients I don’t just look at numbers, I ask them how they want to live their life. For myself, I started to consider what I wanted my life to look like. I knew wanted to keep working with my clients, but I also wanted a succession plan.

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Money Inc.: 4 Money Lessons from Game of Thrones

Author: Sean Cartin

Being a financial advisor, I can’t help but look at how movies, tv shows , and books use money in their stories. I’m always looking for the good ones, and funny enough, Game of Thrones addresses money in some of the most sophisticated ways possible. I wrote an article for Money, Inc. on this very topic, sharing how GoT can help you better understand your finances.

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Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

Author: Mike McGrath 

When choosing a financial advisor, the best first step is to determine what kind of help you need. Do you need help with budgeting, life insurance, investment management, overall planning, or some other part of your financial life? Determining this upfront, you can narrow down the type of advisor you need to work with. The Advisor Selection Checklist created by EP Wealth Advisors can provide a framework for your decisions. It offers a summary of an advisor’s potential capabilities.

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EP Wealth Advisors Adds Elizabeth Cady, CFA to Meet Denver Demand for Fee-Only Wealth Management

Author: Patrick Goshtigian 

DENVER, Jan. 30, 2017 - In response to the continued growth of its Denver region, EP Wealth Advisors has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Cady, CFA, as Wealth Advisor.

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