TheStreet: The Importance of Teaching Your Kids About Money


Author: Brian Parker

My clients often ask me about how to handle finances with their kids. There’s a lot of questions about preventing their children from being entitled, but too often that results in not telling the children anything about finances.

I have cobbled together thoughts on the matter and The Street invited me to share an Op-Ed on the matter called, “The Importance of Teaching Your Kids About Money.” I was able to share my own story about growing up where money was taboo and express talking about money with our kids has been constantly avoided but in actuality, many kids are very eager to learn about personal finances.

If you have any questions about how to educate your children about finances please feel free to contact me anytime. And by the way, EP Wealth is now offering a paid summer internship in Los Angeles if you are thinking of educating your kids on personal finances and careers in the industry.

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